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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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long-running and deadly criminal career. now, chow faces mandatory life in prison unless he appeals the trial and wins. >> guilty of murder. guilty of conspireing to kill another. guilty of money laund ring and trafficking in solen property. guilty on all 162 criminal counts. he sat stokely. his attorney said chow is noble in 5:00 septembering his defeat. >> he was calm. he was almost sadistically 5:00 septemberive of the consequence. >> he was indied with 22 others. chowed to fight.
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his most serious charge that he ordered the murder, head of the fra tern group. he took a chance by testifying on the stand. his attorney says jurors did believe his former associates who turned and testified for the government. >> this conviction was predicated on the testimony of five sits that no rationale human being would believe. >> chow will be sentenced in march. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> meantime, a former law student has been sentenced to seven years she apologized in
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court today. she had been kicked out of a bar for being belligerent. the defense argued that she hit roda after driving drunk to get away from the crowd. prosecutors say she didn't care if she hit someone. she is legally blind as a result of the accident. >> one of the most notorious drug lords has been recaptured tonight. mexico's president has made the announcement today. here he is after getting captured. five suspecteds were killed and 6 others were arrested in the small town near the west coast. in july, he slipped through a hole under the shower in his prison cell and escaped through this mile-long tunnel.
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the dea congratulated mexico on the arrest. a 22-year-old man is in custody today. police say a bullet that this man fired hit an nent bystander. a woman pushing a baby stroller. the intended target, a man he's arguing with, was not hit. if suspected gunman is identified as sterling valdez who faces a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon. >> it was a family affair in oakland. all-in-all, 33 officers were signed in.
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across the bay, ed lee was sworn in for a second term today. >>. >> i solemnly swear we will make progress on the major issues of our time. on housing, on affordability. >> this is his third swearing in. he took over in 2011. parts of today's ceremony were drowned out by protesters. >> the group was there to protest last month's fatal shooting. >> ab >> there's a new sheriff in toub. town.
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>> this is the first of several, burst of applause and standing ovation for san francisco's new sheriff by u.s. senator, diane finestein. >> and, for me, as the first woman mayor to swear in the first woman sheriff. >> the fact that henesee is the city's first female sheriff was emphasized, it was also a new style of leadership to the office. there are 900 people working in that department. >> the predecessor was suspended during his term on official misconduct charges. he didn't mention, but she did have all officers in the room rekriet the long code of ethics.
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>> so the overarching theme for my campaign, we're destroying leadership to the department. and that rests with me. and that means the buck stops here. that means i'm the leader. i'm the person who has to make this happen. >> >>. >> the el nino wther pattern just got here and we're already seeing some of the consequences. it is closing down these four areas for the winter. abc 7 news reporter tweeted this picture of a sign warning people to turn around. she is live with more on the weather's effects, dan. >> unfortunately, the san francisco boat show has scheduled this event here, in this location, for january 15th through the 18th. now they're saying they're not
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coming because of el nino. not coming for now. >> this is where a temporary mini arena is supposed to be built now. the storms have prevented construction of the docks, so the san francisco boat show has postponed the popular show. the organizers say the safety of attendees, exhibitors and staff is always our first priority. more than 12,000 people were expected here. the event has been rescheduled. stod, signs were posted to stay away. >> private owners that aren't aware of it, they ask where's
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the beach access and we just keep informing them that it's closed because it's eroded i big cliff, dangerous. >> closed today. >> it looks dry out there yet. >> abc 7 news meteorologist is here with a calendar that is prablgtically full of stormy weather. >> that's right. chris sdl stin and dan, good add viesz. let me take you and show you in. tonight, another opportunity next week on monday. wednesday, the 13th, and then, i do want to draw your attention
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to january 16th through the 22nd. that's when we look at some stronger storms arriving. when you have el nino helping to advance those storms, right now, live doppler 7 hd tracking some moisture. it's ahead of our incoming storm. >> getting to the bottom of a dog's disappearance. so who's on the hook for what happened. that's next. >> plus, people arrested, police cars smashed. it was a wild night in twoest bay cities. >> check this out, construction
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bella still need more surgery. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live with the story. >> looks pretty good for a dog
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with two broken legs. but it's a long, expensive road ahead. she's good, she looks healthy. >> it was apparent that the dog had injuries. bella was helped saturday and dubbed gracie. on wednesday, the dog's owner were reunited with her. now, they can't afford the $12,000 in surgeries that bella needs. >> we never had a dog get out of here. >> i opened the door just a little bit.
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that's when she ran out. >> ross admits the dog escaped on december 24th. but he denies he's financially responsen for the injuries he found more than a month and a half later. >> i'm here to help, but, as a business owner, the financial responsibilitin't sbt on me. >> the woman who found the fundraiser has paid more than $3500 for the dog's medical care on this go-fund me web page. >> authorities have identified two bay area men who disappeared while fishing in the river on pyramid rake on new year's day. >> it's just north of reno. family members didn't nirnlly know he was missing. >> an early morning chase in
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oakland. the driver ran into not one, not another two, but three patrol cars. the chase headed west on interstate 80. each piece is put into place and covered using hydraulic lifts. >> eventually, as we get going, we're going to be pouring two floors a day.
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>> when finished, the 1,0070 foot tower will serve as a center piece on the city's skyline. oh, what 2 dlarsz can buy. americans keep hoping to win the largest jackpot in u.s. history. $800 million and growing. lines stretched out the door in san lorenzo. lottery officials are keeping a close eye on those ticket sales tonight. bigger numbers tomorrow, possibly $900 million. >> it's a power frenzy all across the bay.
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>> 234i one of us could win at any time with any number. and why not me? >> >>. >> first thing we'd do is put the winning ticket in a security box and then we'd get a lawyer. >> it's a long shot, but, hey, you don't know if you don't try. i don't think anybody knows that you can get the same ticket at the end of the machine. >> the chances of winning are 1 in 292 million clars. >> if every time you drive a mile you'll buy one ticket, you'll have to travel an average distance of 611 round trips to
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the moon. >>. >> despite the odds, these players don't seem to mind. >> for others, it's a acceptabilitimental shot at the big prize. >> today is actually the anniversary of my dad's death. he would have had me here if he was still alive. >> here at this lucky retailer, we've seen a lot of good amount of people go in. the deadline in 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. i'm chris win, abc 67 news. j i don't care what you say about the odds. five winners having bought their
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tickets there for the exact locations, go to our web site, abc 7 it's free to down load. >> let's talk about the weekend weather forecast. >> if you banked on rain, you're already a winner. >> i think christin and dan, why don't we get all of the stores and take it from those winning places as we take a look right now. live doppler e7 hd will show you that moisture is starting to gather ahead of our system. tempature right now in the 40s and the 50s. it's a little chilly outside. a light storm arrives tonight.
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rain tapers off this afternoon. our storm impact scale, basically, rape storm this winter from 1-to-5. this next storm is a one expecting rain to be widespread overnight. 6:00 p.m. tonight, you'll notice just cloudy skies. we head into the rain this morning which seems to be more widespread. if you're an early riser, you'll have some showers. by 1:00, just a few showers lingering. let's take a look at that next storm, which brings us into our storm impact scale again. it's about a tenth to a half an inch.
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monday morning is going to be damp. that's something you'll want to prepare for. it's a really light night there. 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., 9 clork in the morning, we're still looking at wet wealther. most areas between 500 and a third of an inch. up to an inch possible. you take a look at what's happening.
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the accuweather forecast shows you what we do need, rain every other day, so much. sunday night into monday, it's a one right now. there are sliegt chances of rain. but the forecast was still banking on some strong, moisture-driven storms. dan and chris tin? >> thank you so much. >> fitness that can change your outlook. >> that's good. >> stay tuned. and it's about to get real crowded. new at 6 cloek, see an influx of private jets
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autopsy report that is are raising questions about the new suspicious death. ready to save some money for travel? michael finney explains why it's time to just pack up and go. >> all right. see you then, alma, thanks so much. >> there's a bidding war tonight between two of silicon's biggest valleys. >> in talks to buy the rights to live stream, three nfl games in london next season. >> you can catch the nfl
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playoffs tomorrow in an afc wild card game that starts at 1:15 p.m. >>. >> the first player ever selected at two positions. defensive end and linebacker. >> he finished second in the nfl with 15.5 sacks. he received second team all-prohonors. >> as for the 49ers linebacker, he made the team for the fourth time. >> world news tonight is coming up next. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour. >> connect 124/7 at abc 7 news
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dot com. push breaking news tonight. the video just released. the american police officer ambushed. the man taking aim and shooting right into the car. authorities say he pledged allegiance to isis. also breaking tonight, the bloody shootout. el chapo captured. how they got him. and this question now. will he be brought to the u.s.? multiple terror arrests right here in america. two refugees living in the u.s. with suspected ties to terrorism captured tonight in california and texas. authorities revealing why they were so concerned. the mid-air meltdown. the woman who demanded to get off the plane mid-flight. the chaos. and tonight you will hear from passengers who helped tie her hands and feet. and powerball hits 800 million tonight, but will it hit a billion by this weekend?


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